Osseo Area Schools License Renewal Procedures

Current staff License renewal:

Employees holding a professional teaching license issued by the state of Minnesota are required to keep their license current to be eligible for employment in a licensed position.

Licensed staff can begin the renewal process beginning January 1 of the year the license expires. All applicable renewal requirements should be met before beginning the license renewal process.

A minimum of 1 hour in each of the 6 Mandatory Renewal Requirement areas is required. The link provides further information on license renewal requirements.

Clock hours must be earned in two or more of the categories in items A to I. A link is included that will direct you to further information on licensing requirements.

Professional Learning:

All current staff will use their Professional Learning Account to register for required staff workshops, track clock hours, and request clock hours obtained outside of the district. The Professional Learning login is your network username and password that is used to login to the network.  

To review clock hours on record with the district, access Professional Learning.

After logging into Professional Learning click on the Resources tab at the top of the screen and then How to run a Licensed Staff CEU Quick Report to see the credits earned and categories completed. 

Additional information, including renewing a license.

The District will submit continuing education hours on the employee’s behalf, January of the year of expiration. An email reminder will also be sent out in January, letting staff know when ready to renew or still missing items.

Community Members and Retirees:

Please contact our helpdesk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a Professional Learning Account. Once the login information is received, community members and retirees can upload certificates, track hours, and view courses obtained since last renewal.

To renew a license, either submit all paperwork to our Continuing Ed Committee or now through a Professional Learning account. Please see above regarding Professional Learning.

If submitting by paper, please do not submit any paperwork until after the minimum amount of clock hours required are obtained and all of the requirements are met per PELSB.

Additional information can be found here.

Clock hours must be earned in two or more of the categories in items A to I. For more information, check out Clock Hour Allocation.

If submitting information on paper, please complete 1 Continuing Ed Application form per certificate that is being submitted to the committee (for example, if 50 certificates need submission, 50 Continuing Ed Application forms will need to be filled out completely and submitted). Please find the link to the form below:

Clock Hour Approval Application Form

These forms will need to be submitted to the Head of the Continuing Ed Committee. When ready to do so, please connect with helpdesk for next steps.

The Committee meets the first Monday of each month from January to June.

Additional information, including Renewing your license can be found by clicking the link: Renew My License.


Revised December 2020

Note: It is the responsibility of an individual teacher to find appropriate clock hour opportunities. The Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board does not pre-approve clock hour opportunities. The following resources are intended to help individuals find opportunities; however, it is ultimately up to the discretion of the local continuing education committee to approve any clock hour submissions.

All the above opportunities will be approved by ISD279 if completed and submitted.

For further questions regarding relicensure, please refer to your Professional Learning Account Resources page or contact our helpdesk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.