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Access to all benefits forms


Continuing Education

PF 65: Prior approval—Masters program
PF 81: Prior approval request Board credit—sponsor prior approval
PF 83: Lane change request (teachers)
PF 87: Verification of participation for in-district activity



ESP Professional Development FAQ
ESP Request for Professional Development
Student Teaching Practicum MOU



BA 91: Employee authorization of direct deposit
W-4: Federal employee withholding allowance certificate
W-4: Minnesota employee withholding allowance certificate
W-9: Request for taxpayer ID number and certification


Retirement Plans

Plan Summaries

403(b) & 457 Comparison Plans 
457 MNDCP Plan Booklet

Enrollment/Change Forms

403(b) MetLife Enrollment*
403(b) MetLife Change*
403(b) MetLife Incoming Contract Exchange/Direct Rollover**
*Please submit these forms to Payroll for processing
457 MNDCP Enrollment
457 MNDCP Change


Child Care Leaves: Information for Teachers
PF 22: Leave of absence request
PF 25: In-district instructional activity roster
PF 33: Personnel status change
PF 70: Letter of resignation
PF 122: Co-curricular and extra assignment



PF 112: Teacher's weekly schedule 
PF 114E: Substitute's report to classroom teacher—elementary
PF 114S: Substitute's report to classroom teacher—secondary
PF 115: Report from substitute to building principal
PF 116: Substitute teacher effectiveness report
PF 117:  Information for substitute teachers
Substitute teacher exclusion



Professional Development and Training for District-defined High Needs Schools Request Form


Other HR Services

ID badge replacement request
Student Teacher Placement Guidelines